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Hello 2020!!

"I think it's fair to say that I'm just a part of a spectacle. The band plays a vital role in the energy and the music"

For many years I've performed with backing tracks but the live band has given me the artistic freedom I've truly yearned for. It's incomparable. Having a band and keeping it together requires not just talent and musicianship but also faith, resilience, patience, dedication, focus, drive, camaraderie, humour and much much more! What the audience, promoters, agents and venue see is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes is hard work.

So I'd like to thank the band (including extended members!) a million times over for sharing the limelight with me. You guys are truly my superstar family 🎶❤🥰🤗🎶 Here's to 2020 (and beyond) and may this be our year towards a fruitful journey🤞🍾🥂❤

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