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All aboard for 2020..

As I bid adieu to the last decade, it brings me so much joy to welcome 2020. Why? well for a start my debut solo single "Better days" [Chanelle/Murray] is dropping on New year's day and becomes available on all major digital platforms. My official website is also currently getting a well deserved makeover!

Lots of excitement is underway for the start of the new decade including a monthly residency at the Luna Live Lounge in Leytonstone ( where I will be playing with the in-Laws live band performing an eclectic selection of originals and covers. We are playing at the Luna on New Year's Eve for an evening full of fun, music, laughter and singalong plus my debut solo single "Better Days" is released on New Year's day so we will be filming the official music video at the venue too!- all this exclusively at the Luna Live Lounge! 🎶🎶. Of course we will be counting down into 2020 so come and join us!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone specially my family, friends and supporters for their never ending support which is my fuel to keep going the distance. Also enjoy the festive season and keep safe- Have a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

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